Monero Miner

You are currently on the Restore the Fourth’s Monero miner page. The purpose of this page is to allow people who wish to donate their computer’s spare CPU processing power to help Restore the Fourth mine Monero (XMR) to fund our organization and its projects, so that we can better protect the 4th Amendment and your digital privacy rights.


This miner does not run on mobile devices, as a courtesy.


To use our Monero miner, you must have JavaScript enabled, and if you use script blocker like NoScript or uBlock Matrix, please allow scripts from and If you use an adblocker such as uBlock Origin for example, please disable it on this page or add and to your adblocker’s whitelist. The miner will run as long as you leave this page open in your browser. You can leave this tab open and continue surfing elsewhere or doing other things on your computer. To stop mining simply close this browser tab or navigate to another page within this tab.