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Who We Are

Who We Are

Restore The Fourth is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation, dedicated to restoring the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and ending unconstitutional mass government surveillance. We welcome people of all peaceful political beliefs.

In the wake of the Snowden revelations of June 2013, and initially on Reddit, groups began meeting across the United States, under the banner of “Restore The Fourth”. Under our first National Chair (Anna Wilmesher, summer 2013), we coordinated protests for July 4 and for Orwell Day. Under our second National Chair (Ben Doernberg, fall 2013), we helped organize the nationwide protests, culminating in a rally of thousands in Washington DC. Under Alex Marthews (2014-), we have created an active appellate amicus brief practice; created the leadingĀ scoreboard grading Congressmembers on their votes on surveillance and the Fourth Amendment; and helped to support successful local campaigns for surveillance oversight ordinances.


Annual elections, open to all active Restore The Fourth chapters, occur in early May. Any member in good standing of Restore The Fourth may stand for election as an officer. For further and more precise guidelines on running for the Board, please consult our Bylaws. To become a member, please donate here.

Our elected board currently consists of:

Our Litigation Working Group chair is Mahesha Subbaraman.