Restore the Fourth

Started in 2013, Restore the Fourth stands against mass government surveillance. We seek to strengthen the Fourth Amendment and fight back against all programs that encroach on it through educating the public, lobbying elected officials, and supporting grassroots organizers across the country.


Restore the Fourth was created in the wake of the Snowden Revelations. So much has changed in the surveillance landscape since then. Learn about what we fight against.

Our Work

Restore the Fourth is a non-partisan, non-violent advocacy and protest movement demanding an end to the US’s unconstitutional surveillance methods. See how our work reflects that.

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So much happens at the intersection of surveillance, government, and civil rights. Read about what we’ve been doing to help restore the Fourth.

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We’re here to defend your Fourth Amendment rights against encroaching government surveillance. But we can’t do this important work without your help. Join our fight today—donate.


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