Scope of FISA Sec. 702 ECSP Provision Narrowed But Remains Classified

In April 2024, Section 702 of FISA was reauthorized with the passage of the Reforming Intelligence and Securing America Act (RISAA). Section 702 permits U.S. intelligence agencies to conduct warrantless surveillance of foreigners abroad. In practice, Section 702 surveillance also collects U.S. persons’ communications. The FBI and other agencies abuse their access to this database, […]


The ’20 Questions’ Problem with the SAFE Act

If the SAFE Act passes, FBI Agents could craft sequential queries to access content without a warrant. A simple “U. S. person query cap amendment” can fix this. Introduction Congress is reviewing whether and how to renew part of the permission it retroactively gave to the administration to conduct warrantless surveillance on Americans, in the […]