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Litigation Working Group

Litigation Working Group

The RT4 Litigation Working Group is a volunteer group of attorneys, law professors, and law students, chaired by Mahesha P. Subbaraman, Esq. of Subbaraman LLC in Minneapolis, MN. It selects key Fourth Amendment appellate cases and submits amicus briefs on behalf of Restore The Fourth.

In 2017-18, Restore The Fourth intervened in Byrd (rights of drivers of rental cars)Carpenter(Fourth Amendment protection for historical cell site location information), Collins(application of automobile exception on private property)Hernandez (shooting of Mexican national by CBP agent from across the border), Microsoft Ireland (extraterritorial application of warrants), and Spivey (whether police deception invalidates consent to a search); we are currently working on a brief in LMP Services v. Chicago, opposing the mandatory installation of GPS units on food trucks in Chicago.

We do not yet represent individuals in Fourth Amendment cases.

To submit a case for consideration by the Litigation Working Group, please use this contact form.