Investment Policies

Investment Policy

The Treasurer shall manage RT4’s financial assets and securities. The
assets shall be allocated within the following parameters:

  • Chequing accounts for operation: 0% to 10%
  • Liquid savings or money market accounts insured by FDIC or NCUA: 5%
    to 95%
  • Externally managed low-risk exchange-traded funds or mutual funds
    with reasonable market expense ratio: 0% to 60%
  • Fixed income bonds with BBB or higher at S&P, or Baa or higher at
    Moody’s: 0% to 60%
  • Externally managed cryptocurrency index funds: 0% to 10%

The Treasurer shall not invest RT4’s assets in any securities with
which the Treasurer has a conflict of interest, except indirectly via
externally managed index funds that follows a common market such as