The Fix Is In: House Votes Today on PATRIOT Act Renewal

Yesterday, on an hour or two’s notice, the Rules Committee of the House introduced and voted out a new bill renewing the government’s most controversial PATRIOT Act powers. Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) described the bill as originating with a “coalition of intel hawks and some centrist Republicans and Democrats”. It is significantly weaker than the […]


New Surveillance Reform Bill “SAPRA” Launches

On March 15, Congress will face again the expiration of three long-controversial post-9/11 surveillance powers: The “roving wiretaps” provision (Section 206) the “business records” provision (Section 215), and the “lone wolf” amendment (FISA Section 101(b)(1)(C)). They were originally due to expire December 15, 2019, but what with the need to avoid a government shutdown and […]