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RT4 Endorses The Durbin-Lee “SAFE Act.”

Restore The Fourth activists have been deeply involved for a decade in the fight to reform the government’s warrantless surveillance of Americans, which Congress retroactively legalized in Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008. Now, Senators Durbin and Lee are introducing a bill, the “SAFE Act”, that may represent a viable compromise for […]


Why Section 702 Isn’t A Silver Bullet Against Ransomware And Cyberattacks

Guest post from Chris Weiland, Restore The Fourth – Minnesota Recently, current and former members of the intelligence community have been arguing that Section 702 surveillance powers are useful for thwarting ransomware attacks and protecting against cyberattacks writ large. As someone who works in the information security space, I find this argument frustrating. It is […]