New “USA Liberty Act” Doesn’t Fix Problem of Mass Surveillance on Americans

October 5, 2017 – USA Liberty Act Allows FBI’s End-Run Around The Constitution To Continue On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee will be filing the so-called “USA Liberty Act”, an attempt to deal with the fact that the main statutory authority for the government’s mass surveillance programs is due to expire December 31. The product […]


Letter to the FBI: Dismantle “Don’t Be a Puppet” Website

FBI’s Interactive ‘Anti-Extremism’ Website Stigmatizes Youth of Color and Deters Expression of First Amendment Protected Views By Danielle Kerem Restore the Fourth has joined a coalition of civil rights organizations in calling on the FBI to dismantle the agency’s “Don’t Be a Puppet” website and more broadly re-evaluate the FBI’s strategy for countering violent extremism. […]