Understanding Fusion Centers

Curious about fusion centers and how they function? Want to know how they operate in tandem with your local police departments? Digital Fourth, the Restore the Fourth – Boston chapter, is hosting a livestreamed discussion on fusion centers.

From Digital Fourth: “Our local fusion center, BRIC, has been at the core of police efforts to surveil and suppress social movements for over a decade. And, since 2012, we’ve been calling them out on their abusive and un-Constitutional practices. This October 30, please join us for a livestreamed discussion on fusion centers, with Boston City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo, law student Dani Hargus, and journalist Emma Best, moderated by our own Alex Marthews!”

The live stream is here:

The event is free to attend, but we’d love a $10 donation if you’re able. Donate here.

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